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RC Lithium Grease, High Performance, Diffs, Axles, Bearings
  • RC Lithium Grease, High Performance, Diffs, Axles, Bearings

    The RC Red Grease is a very high-quality high-performance lithium grease that's perfect for RC cars, planes and boats  - it's Red 'N' Tacky.and smooth, a blend of red lithium complex grease fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors.

    Perfect for Bearings, Diffs, Axles, Joints etc


    Good water resistance and washout properties.

    Excellent mechanical stability and storage life. 

    Withstand heavy loads for extended periods of time. 

    Fortified with a high degree of extreme pressure additives that give it a TRUE Timken load much higher than other greases of this type. 

    Especially good for sliding surfaces, diffs, shafts, bearings, open gears, joints and more! 


    Supplied in TWO handy 10g tubes so you can accurately apply grease without wasting too much 


      Farben können im wirklichen Leben auf einer bedruckten Haut leicht abweichen

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